Ernest de Silva Net Worth, Biography And Facts

Ernest de Silva Net Worth

Ernest de Silva Net Worth:

US$ 500 million

Ernest de Silva Biography

Sir Albert Ernest de Silva (26 November 1887 – 9 May 1957) was a Ceylonese business magnate, banker, barrister and public figure, considered to be the most prominent Ceylonese philanthropist of the 20th century. A wealthy and influential polymath, he was the founder-chairman of the largest bank in Ceylon (present-day Sri Lanka), the Bank of Ceylon, the founder-governor of the State Mortgage Bank and chairman of the Ceylon All-Party committee. He made many contributions to Ceylonese society and is also considered to be the preeminent philatelist in the history of Ceylon. Upon Ceylon's independence, he was asked to become the first Ceylonese Governor General (representative of the King in Ceylon, i.e. de facto head of state), an honour he declined for personal reasons. De Silva was at the pinnacle of upper-class society and, as the wealthiest Ceylonese of his generation, he defined the island's ruling class. His memorials describe him as highly respected for his integrity and honesty.

How much is Ernest de Silva worth in 2023?

According to our sources, the net worth of Ernest de Silva for 2023 is US$ 500 million (as of February 7th, 2021).

Other Ernest de Silva Facts

Ernest de Silva Profile
Born 26 November 1887
Colombo, British Ceylon
Died 9 May 1957(1957-05-09) (aged 69)
Colombo, Dominion of Ceylon
(now Sri Lanka)
Nationality Ceylonese
Other names Sir A.E. de Silva
Education Clare College, Cambridge,
Royal College, Colombo
Net worth US$ 500 million
Spouse(s) Senator Lady Evadne de Silva