H. L. Hunt Net Worth, Biography And Facts

H. L. Hunt Net Worth

H. L. Hunt Net Worth:

$1 billion

H. L. Hunt Biography

Haroldson Lafayette Hunt Jr. (February 17, 1889 – November 29, 1974), was a Texas oil tycoon and Republican political activist. By trading poker winnings for oil rights, he ultimately secured title to much of the East Texas Oil Field, one of the world's largest oil deposits. From it and his other acquisitions, he accrued a fortune that was among the world's largest. At his death, he was reputed to have the highest net worth of any individual in the world.

How much is H. L. Hunt worth in 2023?

According to our sources, the net worth of H. L. Hunt for 2023 is $1 billion (as of December 13th, 2020).

Other H. L. Hunt Facts

H. L. Hunt Profile
Born Haroldson Lafayette Hunt Jr.
February 17, 1889
Ramsey, Illinois
Died November 29, 1974(1974-11-29) (aged 85)
Dallas, Texas
Nationality American
Occupation Petroleum industry
Net worth $1 billion
Spouse(s) Lyda Bunker
Frania Tye
Ruth Ray
Children 15, including Lamar Hunt
Relatives Lamar Hunt Jr. (grandson)
Clark Hunt (grandson)