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Alfred Beit Net Worth

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Alfred Beit Biography

Alfred Beit (15 February 1853 – 16 July 1906) was a Anglo-German gold and diamond magnate in South Africa, and a major donor and profiteer of infrastructure development on the African continent. He also donated much money to university education and research in several countries, and was the "silent partner" who structured the capital flight from post-Boer War South Africa to Rhodesia, and the Rhodes Scholarship, named after his employee, Cecil Rhodes. Beit's assets were structured around the so-called Corner House Group, which through its holdings in various companies controlled 37 per cent of the gold produced at the Witwatersrand's goldfields in Johannesburg in 1913.

How much is Alfred Beit worth in 2023?

According to our sources, the net worth of Alfred Beit for 2023 is £8,050,000 (as of March 8th, 2021).

Other Alfred Beit Facts

Alfred Beit Profile
Born 15 February 1853
Hamburg, German Confederation
Died 16 July 1906(1906-07-16) (aged 53)
Tewin, Hertfordshire
Nationality British
Net worth £8,050,000