Jaff (tribe) Net Worth, Biography And Facts

Jaff (tribe) Net Worth

Jaff (tribe) Net Worth:

$ 265 million USD

Jaff (tribe) Biography

Jaff (also Jahf, Jaaf, Jaf, Caf or جاف) is the largest Kurdish tribe also known as clan, living in the borderlands of Iran and Iraq. Their heartland is between Sulaymaniyah to Sanandaj. The tribe predominantly adheres to the Shafi'i school with many Naqshbandi and Qadiriyya followers. It originated in the year 1114 by Kurdish King Zaher Beg Jaff, other important leaders were Mohamed Pasha Jaff, Lady Adela, Osman Pasha Jaff and Mahmud Pasha Jaff, their ancestral home is Sherwana Castle. The Ottoman Empire bestowed on them the name Pasha, a noble title, in the 1700s. They are the biggest Kurdish tribe in the Middle East with approximately 4 million people and they speak Sorani. They ruled the Ardalan Principality until the 1860s.

How much is Jaff (tribe) worth in 2023?

According to our sources, the net worth of Jaff (tribe) for 2023 is $ 265 million USD (as of November 5th, 2020).

Other Jaff (tribe) Facts

Jaff (tribe) Profile
Residence Sherwana Castle
Net worth $ 265 million USD
Website http://jafftribe.com/