John Kluge Net Worth, Biography And Facts

John Kluge Net Worth

John Kluge Net Worth:

$6.5 billion

John Kluge Biography

John Werner Kluge (/ˈ k l uː ɡ i / ; September 21, 1914 – September 8, 2010) was a German-American entrepreneur who became a television industry mogul in the United States. At one time he was the richest person in the U.S.

How much is John Kluge worth in 2023?

According to our sources, the net worth of John Kluge for 2023 is $6.5 billion (as of May 6th, 2021).

Other John Kluge Facts

John Kluge Profile
Born John Werner Kluge
September 21, 1914
Chemnitz, German Empire (today Chemnitz, Germany)
Died September 7, 2010(2010-09-07) (aged 95)
Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
Alma mater Columbia University
Occupation Chairman, Metromedia
Net worth $6.5 billion
Spouse(s) Theodora Thomson Townsend
Yolanda Galardo Zucco
Patricia Maureen Rose
Maria Tussi Kuttner