Bob Parsons Net Worth, Biography And Facts

Bob Parsons Net Worth

Bob Parsons Net Worth:

US$2.2 billion

Bob Parsons Biography

Robert Ralph "Bob" Parsons (born November 27, 1950) is an American entrepreneur, billionaire, and philanthropist. In 1997, he founded the GoDaddy group of companies, including domain name registrar, reseller registrar Wild West Domains, and Blue Razor Domains. In July 2011, Parsons sold approximately 70 percent of GoDaddy to a private equity consortium and resigned his position as CEO. In June 2014, he stepped down from his position as Executive Chairman and served on the board until 2018.

How much is Bob Parsons worth in 2023?

According to our sources, the net worth of Bob Parsons for 2023 is US$2.2 billion (as of February 12th, 2021).

Other Bob Parsons Facts

Bob Parsons Profile
Born Robert Ralph Parsons
November 27, 1950 (age 70)
Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.
Alma mater University of Baltimore
Baltimore, Maryland
Occupation Founder & Director,
Founder & CEO,
YAM Worldwide, Inc. Founder,
The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation
Net worth US$2.2 billion
Spouse(s) Renee Parsons