Han Terra Net Worth, Biography And Facts

Han Terra Net Worth:

US$ 24.7 million

Han Terra Biography

Han Terra (한테라, born March 30, 1982) is a South Korean inventor and TeRra virtuoso. She was a child prodigy and was performing by age 6 as a Korean instrument kayageum player, she is known for a polymath in the areas of music, instruments, arts, dance, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, history, literature, writing, journals, fashion, design, technology, science and aesthetics. She began her training at the age of 4 in the Western classical music and the Eastern traditional arts including singing and dancing in Korea, Japan, China, India, France, and has been performing globally since.

How much is Han Terra worth in 2023?

According to our sources, the net worth of Han Terra for 2023 is US$ 24.7 million (as of December 6th, 2020).

Other Han Terra Facts

Han Terra Profile
Born March 30, 1982
Seoul, South Korea
Nationality South Korea
Education Seoul National University,
Tokyo University of the Arts,
Central Conservatory of Music,
Yanbian University,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Occupation TeRra inventor, TeRra virtuoso, composer, kayageum virtuoso, singer, producer, dancer, fashion designer, journalist, tech entrepreneur, software developer
Known for Music, arts, science, tech
Net worth US$ 24.7 million
Height 5' 5"
Title Founder of terraviii.com
Family Han clan of Cheongju
Honours UNESCO official commendation,
Rockefeller Fellow,
Korean prime minister citation
Genres Traditional
Instruments TeRra,
Kayageum:Intangible Cultural Property (South Korea) No.42
Years Active 1989–present
Labels Poly Music Co., Poly Classics
Website Official website