Edward Ball (businessman) Net Worth, Biography And Facts

Edward Ball (businessman) Net Worth

Edward Ball (businessman) Net Worth:

$200 million

Edward Ball (businessman) Biography

Edward Gresham Ball (March 21, 1888 – June 24, 1981) was a businessperson who had powerful political influence in Florida for decades. Referred to as "a law unto himself", despite the fact that he never held public office and did not own the assets he controlled, he led a forest products company and owned newspapers. He worked for and with his brother-in-law Alfred I. du Pont for nine years before running the Alfred I. duPont Testamentary Trust's businesses by himself for another 46 years. He founded and led the St. Joe Paper Company to become a major player in several industries in Florida. He was a leader of the pro-segregation, anti-homosexual, and anti-communist Pork Chop Gang, a group of Democratic Party legislators from North Florida.

How much is Edward Ball (businessman) worth in 2023?

According to our sources, the net worth of Edward Ball (businessman) for 2023 is $200 million (as of December 12th, 2020).

Other Edward Ball (businessman) Facts

Edward Ball (businessman) Profile
Born March 21, 1888
Hardings, Northumberland County, Virginia, United States
Died June 24, 1981(1981-06-24) (aged 93)
New Orleans, Louisiana U.S.
Resting Place Wilmington, Delaware
Nationality American
Occupation Trust Administrator
Years active 1926-1981
Employer Alfred I. duPont Testamentary Trust
Known for financier, power broker
Net worth $200 million
Spouse(s) Ruth (1933-1949; divorce)
Parent(s) Lalla Gresham and Thomas Ball