Hélène Pastor Net Worth, Biography And Facts

Hélène Pastor Net Worth:

$3.7 billion

Hélène Pastor Biography

Hélène Pastor (1937 – 21 May 2014) was an heiress, businesswoman and the richest woman in Monaco, "the senior surviving member of what is, in effect, Monaco’s second dynasty after the ruling Grimaldis". She was murdered in May 2014.

How much is Hélène Pastor worth in 2023?

According to our sources, the net worth of Hélène Pastor for 2023 is $3.7 billion (as of December 14th, 2020).

Other Hélène Pastor Facts

Hélène Pastor Profile
Born 1937
Died 21 May 2014 (aged 77)
Nice, France
Cause of Death Gunshot wounds
Occupation Businesswoman
Net worth $3.7 billion
Spouse(s) 2, including Claude Pallanca
Children 2, including Gildo Pallanca Pastor
Parent(s) Gildo Pastor
Relatives Jean-Baptiste Pastor (paternal grandfather)
Michel Pastor (brother)
Victor Pastor (brother)
Philippe Pastor (nephew)
Patrice Pastor (nephew)
Wojciech Janowski (son-in-law)