Jain Shaileshkumar Net Worth, Biography And Facts

Jain Shaileshkumar Net Worth

Jain Shaileshkumar Net Worth:

Under investigation by U.S. attorneys

Jain Shaileshkumar Biography

Jain Shaileshkumar (born February 10, 1970), better known as Sam P. Jain, is an Indian internet entrepreneur and former CEO of affiliate marketing network eFront, who is currently a fugitive with an arrest warrant in California. In 2000, eFront submitted fraudulent data to Media Metrix, a website ranking publisher. Former President of eFront Jerry Ziegler accused Jain of deliberately falsifying affiliate data, using tactics such as submitting companies which didn't respond to his affiliate offer as affiliates with the justification that "[i]f they won't respond to me, they won't respond to anyone." In 2001 Jain was involved in a scandal when ICQ instant messaging logs between the him and other employees were leaked onto the internet. The logs detailed activities such as not paying websites that had hosted their banner ads and sending legal threats to websites that spoke poorly of eFront. On April 20, 2005 he was ordered to pay $3.1 million to Symantec for selling counterfeit software and violating intellectual property laws. Case Number 2:04-cv-03017-PA-Mc.

How much is Jain Shaileshkumar worth in 2021?

According to our sources, the net worth of Jain Shaileshkumar for 2021 is Under investigation by U.S. attorneys (as of January 24th, 2021).

Other Jain Shaileshkumar Facts

Jain Shaileshkumar Profile
Born February 10, 1970 (1970-02-10) (age 50)
Occupation Fugitive (as of October 21, 2019)
Net worth Under investigation by U.S. attorneys