Frank Winfield Woolworth Net Worth, Biography And Facts

Frank Winfield Woolworth Net Worth

Frank Winfield Woolworth Net Worth:

US$76.5 million

Frank Winfield Woolworth Biography

Frank Winfield Woolworth (April 13, 1852 – April 8, 1919) was an American entrepreneur, the founder of F. W. Woolworth Company, and the operator of variety stores known as "Five-and-Dimes" (5- and 10-cent stores or dime stores) which featured a selection of low-priced merchandise. He pioneered the now-common practices of buying merchandise directly from manufacturers and fixing the selling prices on items, rather than haggling. He was also the first to use self-service display cases, so that customers could examine what they wanted to buy without the help of a sales clerk.

How much is Frank Winfield Woolworth worth in 2023?

According to our sources, the net worth of Frank Winfield Woolworth for 2023 is US$76.5 million (as of May 20th, 2021).

Other Frank Winfield Woolworth Facts

Frank Winfield Woolworth Profile
Born April 13, 1852
Rodman, New York
Died April 8, 1919(1919-04-08) (aged 66)
Glen Cove, New York
Resting Place Woodlawn Cemetery
Education Watertown Commercial College
Known for Founded F. W. Woolworth Company (now Foot Locker)
Net worth US$76.5 million
Political Party Republican
Spouse(s) Jennie Creighton ​(m. 1876)​
Children 3
Relatives Charles S. Woolworth (brother)
Barbara Hutton (granddaughter)
Seymour H. Knox I (cousin)