Ali Mufuruki Net Worth, Biography And Facts

Ali Mufuruki Net Worth

Ali Mufuruki Net Worth:

US$ 110 million

Ali Mufuruki Biography

Ali Mufuruki (1959 – December 7, 2019) was a Tanzanian businessman, author, founder and board member of several organisations. He was the founder of Infotech Investment Group, founding chairman of CEO Roundtable of Tanzania and Africa Leadership Initiative (ALI) East Africa, board chairman of Vodacom Tanzania and Wananchi Group Holdings, trustee of the Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS) and co-author of the book Tanzania's Industrialization Journey, 2016–2056.

How much is Ali Mufuruki worth in 2023?

According to our sources, the net worth of Ali Mufuruki for 2023 is US$ 110 million (as of January 28th, 2021).

Other Ali Mufuruki Facts

Ali Mufuruki Profile
Died 7 December 2019 (aged 60)
Nationality Tanzanian
Alma mater Reutlingen University (BSc)
Net worth US$ 110 million
Children 4