Fan Wei (entrepreneur) Net Worth, Biography And Facts

Fan Wei (entrepreneur) Net Worth:

US$710 million

Fan Wei (entrepreneur) Biography

Fan Wei (Chinese: 范伟 ) is a Chinese businessman and investor. He was one of the founder of Hong Kong incorporated public company Fosun International; he also founded its predecessor, Fosun Group, in the mainland China. He partially owned Fosun International indirectly until 2015. Fan owned 5 shares out of 50 shares (or 10%) of Fosun International's ultimate parent company Fosun International Holdings as at 31 December 2014, which 79.60% stake of the publicly traded company was owned by the holding. He resigned as a non-executive director of Fosun International on 10 July 2014 and withdrew his holding in Fosun International Holdings on 4 September 2014. The number of shares of Fosun International Holdings also reduced to 45.

How much is Fan Wei (entrepreneur) worth in 2023?

According to our sources, the net worth of Fan Wei (entrepreneur) for 2023 is US$710 million (as of January 4th, 2021).

Other Fan Wei (entrepreneur) Facts

Fan Wei (entrepreneur) Profile
Born China
Nationality Chinese
Alma mater Fudan University
Occupation Businessman
Years active 000?–2014
Known for Co-founder of Fosun
Net worth US$710 million