Bachtiar Karim Net Worth, Biography And Facts

Bachtiar Karim Net Worth:

US$3.1 billion

Bachtiar Karim Biography

Bachtiar Karim (born November 5, 1957) is a Chinese-Indonesian businessman. He is the executive chairman of Musim Mas, a Singapore-based company invested in palm oil. Despite his net-worth of 2.6B US dollar as of 2019, he has kept a low profile among Indonesian businessmen. He studied in Singapore at the Hwa Chong Junior College and competed a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Singapore.

How much is Bachtiar Karim worth in 2023?

According to our sources, the net worth of Bachtiar Karim for 2023 is US$3.1 billion (as of January 11th, 2021).

Other Bachtiar Karim Facts

Bachtiar Karim Profile
Born November 5, 1957 (age 63)
Citizenship Indonesian
Occupation Owner, Musim Mas
Net worth US$3.1 billion
Parent(s) Anwar Karim & Mikie Wijaya
Relatives Burhan Karim (brother)
Bahari Karim (brother)