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Bobby Ore Net Worth

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Bobby Ore Biography

Bobby Ore (born January 1949) is an American stunt driver. Ore got his start in working with automobiles at a young age, fixing and repairing old vehicles to sell at a profit – then learning to drive and handle them in many different ways. Ore moved on to become a stunt driver working on movies, television shows, and professional engagements including movies such as Gone in 60 Seconds, Project Swordfish, Dukes of Hazzard, and many more. Ore has also had bit roles in acting in movies such as Charlie's Angels as well as performing stunts. Bobby has raced in NASCAR, SCCA, Funny car dragsters and more. He has also gone on to start a driving school for stunt driving and military/tactical driving beginning in 1995 to train aspiring stuntmen and stuntwomen, people looking to have fun, and corporate events.

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According to our sources, the net worth of Bobby Ore for 2023 is (as of January 1st, 1970).

Other Bobby Ore Facts

Bobby Ore Profile
Born January 1949 (age 71–72)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Best Finish 137th (1974)
First Race 1974 Nashville 420 (Nashville)
Wins Top tens