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Bill Sedgwick Biography

Bill Sedgwick (born March 19, 1955) was a successful NASCAR driver particularly prominent in the late 1980s and early 1990s.[citation needed ] In 2004, Sedgwick was inducted into the West Coast Stock Car Hall of Fame.

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According to our sources, the net worth of Bill Sedgwick for 2023 is (as of January 1st, 1970).

Other Bill Sedgwick Facts

Bill Sedgwick Profile
Born March 19, 1955 (ageĀ 66)
Acton, California
Best Finish 7th (1995)
First Race 1995 Skoal Bandit Copper World Classic (Phoenix)
Last Race 1999 Dodge California Truck Stop 300 (Mesa Marin)
Wins Top tens