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Eugene Higgins Biography

Eugene Higgins (1860 – 1948) was the rich heir to a carpet-making business, known as a bon vivant, sportsman, and philanthropist. A bachelor, when he died in 1948, his estate went to establish the Higgins Trust, at that time, the eleventh largest of its kind in the USA.

How much is Eugene Higgins worth in 2023?

According to our sources, the net worth of Eugene Higgins for 2023 is $40,111,999 (as of June 18th, 2021).

Other Eugene Higgins Facts

Eugene Higgins Profile
Born January 14, 1860
New York City
Died July 29, 1948(1948-07-29) (aged 88)
Torquay, England
Alma mater Columbia University
Net worth $40,111,999
Parent(s) Elias Smith Higgins
Emma Louise Baldwin