J. Howard Marshall Net Worth, Biography And Facts

J. Howard Marshall Net Worth

J. Howard Marshall Net Worth:

$1.6 billion

J. Howard Marshall Biography

James Howard Marshall II (January 24, 1905 – August 4, 1995) was an American billionaire businessman, academic, lawyer, and government official. He was involved with and invested in the petroleum industry via academic, government and commercial endeavors. He owned 16% of Koch Industries. Marshall was married to model and celebrity Anna Nicole Smith during the last 14 months of his life. His estate became the subject of protracted litigation, which was reviewed by the Supreme Court in Marshall v. Marshall and Stern v. Marshall. The court kept the will and testament intact and substantially all of the assets in Marshall's estate wound up in trusts for the benefit of his daughter-in-law, Elaine Tettemer Marshall, and her family.

How much is J. Howard Marshall worth in 2023?

According to our sources, the net worth of J. Howard Marshall for 2023 is $1.6 billion (as of May 19th, 2021).

Other J. Howard Marshall Facts

J. Howard Marshall Profile
Born James Howard Marshall II
January 24, 1905
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Died August 4, 1995(1995-08-04) (aged 90)
Houston, Texas, U.S.
Alma mater Haverford College
Yale Law School
Occupation Businessman, lawyer, academic, government official
Net worth $1.6 billion
Spouse(s) Eleanor Pierce ​ ​(m. 1931; div. 1961)​
Bettye Bohannon ​ ​(m. 1961; died 1991)​
Anna Nicole Smith ​(m. 1994)​
Children 2