Hasso Plattner Net Worth, Biography And Facts

Hasso Plattner Net Worth

Hasso Plattner Net Worth:

US$15.3 Billion

Hasso Plattner Biography

Hasso Plattner (born 21 January 1944) is a German businessman. A co-founder of SAP SE software company, he has been chairman of the supervisory board of SAP SE since May 2003. As of August 2020, Forbes reported that he possessed a net worth of US$17.9 billion.

How much is Hasso Plattner worth in 2023?

According to our sources, the net worth of Hasso Plattner for 2023 is US$15.3 Billion (as of May 16th, 2021).

Other Hasso Plattner Facts

Hasso Plattner Profile
Born 21 January 1944 (age 77)
Berlin, Germany
Occupation Entrepreneur, philanthropist
Known for Founder of SAP SE; majority owner of the San Jose Sharks ice hockey team
Net worth US$15.3 Billion
Title Chairman, SAP SE
Spouse(s) Married
Children 2