Gilberto Benetton Net Worth, Biography And Facts

Gilberto Benetton Net Worth:

US$2.7 billion

Gilberto Benetton Biography

Gilberto Benetton (19 June 1941 – 22 October 2018) was an Italian billionaire businessman, one of Europe's most influential industrialists. He was a co-founder of Benetton Group, the Italian fashion brand which he started and ran with his three siblings. In October 2018, Forbes estimated the net worth of Gilberto Benetton, and each of his siblings, at US$2.7 billion. In June 2018, the conglomerate he created had assets of Euro 12.1 billion.

How much is Gilberto Benetton worth in 2021?

According to our sources, the net worth of Gilberto Benetton for 2021 is US$2.7 billion (as of April 26th, 2021).

Other Gilberto Benetton Facts

Gilberto Benetton Profile
Born 19 June 1941
Treviso, Italy
Died 22 October 2018(2018-10-22) (aged 77)
Treviso, Italy
Nationality Italian
Occupation Co-founder of Benetton Group
Net worth US$2.7 billion
Spouse(s) Lalla Benetton
Children 2 daughters
Relatives Luciano Benetton (brother)
Carlo Benetton (brother)
Giuliana Benetton (sister)
Alessandro Benetton (nephew)