Fawzi Al-Kharafi Net Worth, Biography And Facts

Fawzi Al-Kharafi Net Worth:

US$ 1.2 billion

Fawzi Al-Kharafi Biography

Fawzi al-Kharafi (Arabic: فوزي الخرافي ‎) is a Kuwaiti billionaire, the CEO and vice chairman of the M. A. Kharafi & Sons. He is the son of Mohammed Abdul Mohsen Al-Kharafi, the founder of M. A. Kharafi & Sons. As of January 2016, Forbes estimated his net worth at US$1.25 billion. He is married and lives in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

How much is Fawzi Al-Kharafi worth in 2023?

According to our sources, the net worth of Fawzi Al-Kharafi for 2023 is US$ 1.2 billion (as of January 11th, 2021).

Other Fawzi Al-Kharafi Facts

Fawzi Al-Kharafi Profile
Born Kuwait
Citizenship Kuwaiti
Occupation CEO and vice chairman of the M. A. Kharafi & Sons
Net worth US$ 1.2 billion
Spouse(s) married
Parent(s) Mohammed Abdul Mohsen Al-Kharafi
Relatives Nasser Al-Kharafi (brother)
Jassem Al-Kharafi (brother)
Faiza Al-Kharafi (sister)
Website www.makharafi.net